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hey everyone!
Thank you so much for all your great reactions am very pleased with them

This weekend il add other stuff like earrings bracelets etc. And il give them each a number identification so its kinda usefull when you will tell me wich one you like hehe.

Am very busy with everything; if i respond a little late please be patient with me; am doing the best i can!

Thank you al!!

trying to link here! >_<
Here are the pictures of most of the rings

Creamy c´est cheri jewelry

Hey everybody,
I have receiving allot of reactions, THANK YOU! That makes me feel happy because i enjoy making these things and i even enjoy it more if other people like/love them to

I have some brand new jewelry soon so check out my journal for the update!

Some info about the jewellery:

*They can get a little bit dusty, clean them up with a wet towel
* the decoration won’t fall off; I have tested them all before using or selling them. They are really stuck in the whipped cream.
* Prices of the rings or any other accessory depend on wich one you want. Some are cheaper then the other because of the decoration on it. But to give you a slight idea of wich one can cost, it’s about 8 dollars.

*If you want a ring custom made, please let me know wich colour whipped cream you want or a combination of it and what kind of accessory. Then I will send you the possibilities what I can put on the rings. If you want fruits on it ill send you pics of fruits. If you want different kind of cake ill send you the pictures etc.

*Shipping cost are for the buyer
*Contact me wich country you live in and ill give you the info bout the shipping cost and how long it will take
I am not responsible for items lost in the mail. Once an item ships I have NO CONTROL of it! But I will try to do the best I can to please the customer!


Nov. 25th, 2008

whippedcream with cooky and cake ! whippedcream with cooky and cake !

My cute little ring, made of silicone.
It has a cute little waffle in it, with a candy stick and a little cake:)
creamy rings creamy rings

this is my creation, and am very attached to them.
But i have nearly 50 and only 10 fingers ^_^

New owners?



Cute jewelry for sale

Hey everybody.
Am selling cute jewelry all over the world.
Check out my myspace page.

I have tons and tons of different and unique jewelry. If you are interested feel free to contact me!!





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